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Private and altruistic hompage of ELODIS SUBWOOFER,
owner Franz Hinterlehner

ELODIS SUBWOOFER has temporary closed down all business activity as from March 31 2016 and this site is no longer used for commercial propositions.
ELODIS SUBWOOFER would like to say a BIG thank you to all customers!
It was a big pleasure to me to realize all your projects together with you and I hope my products are able to bring joy to you for a very long time!
Listed below some of the projects realized by ELODIS SUBWOOFER from 2007 to 2016.
My projects you can also see on my facebook page ELODIS SUBWOOFER:

Download brochure-ELODIS-VOCALITAS-MACHINA-INTRO as .pdf


**) Subwoofer with sealed cabinet

With the powered 21-inch Subwoofer ELODIS-SUB SB121A a very powerful and relatively compact active subwoofer has been implemented to supplement an existing system down to the deepest frequency range.

Benchmark data:

  • This subwoofer is assembled with one of the most powerful 21-inch drive units available (5,3-inch voice coil, 1800 Watts of AES power rating, 2,75-inch total excursion limit, +/- 0,55-inch X-max, triple-spider, ...)
  • 2 Kilowatts aktive-module in Class-H, powerful DSP
  • minimal distortions down to the deepest frequencies
  • sensible operating range up from around 10 Hz – depending on room conditions and individual convenience
  • fine-tuning of the whole system on site if wanted – no extra costs for work, only compensation of expenses incurred.
  • supplementary equipped active module if wanted (additional power amps and outputs, improved DSP, ...)
  • individual surfaces on customers wishes (to complete an existing system as shown as example on the pictures below)
  • separated chamber for active electronics, additional shielded by using an aluminium case
  • standard cabinet material = top quality beech plywood (in case of this subwoofer 50 mm for front and side walls, 30 mm for all other walls, additional 8 mm HPL for front, rear, top and bottom, or 12 mm mineral composite)
  • using of special high efficient beech wood dowels and 2K polyurethane adhesives for maximum rigidity and durability.

Dimensions and weight:

Width = 685 mm, Height = 755 mm (incl. feet), Depth = 610 mm
Weight: 120 Kgs

Some pictures and measurement results:
Example of a complemented system by using 2 pieces of ELODIS-SUB SB121A measured under real room conditions (room size = 80 m^2, distance to listening place = 3,5 Meters, red = left channel, blue = right channel)

Corresponding setup to the above measurements:



Measurements Magnitude and THD, 2,83 Volts terminal voltage, no filters used, smoothing 1/12 oct.:


Manufacturing impressions and the ready product:





For the best possible ratio between enclosure size and power requirements with regard to the achievable maximum acoustic pressure.

With the ELODIS-SUB-VB24 (no longer available) and ELODIS-SUB-VB21 subwoofers have been implemented which offers highest acoustic performance also in very big listening rooms and which due to its individual surface design makes an optimal adaptation of the subwoofer to the existing living environment possible.

Both Elodis-Sub-VB24 and Elodis-Sub-VB21 are based on the same type of highly sophisticated bass reflex enclosures that are practically free from enclosure losses.

Download brochure ELODIS-SUB-VB21 as *.pdf

Measurement_Data_Elodis-Sub-VB21L-en-v2.pdf as *.pdf

Horn-Loaded Subwoofer

No-compromise regarding sonic performance and maximum sound pressure level without distortion and minimum power requirements to the disadvantage of a larger enclosure.

The new front-loaded-horn ELODIS-SUB-TGE has been designed especially as very high quality and powerful solution for existing horn projects. This front-loaded-horn is particularly characterized by his extened and linear frequency response and very smooth roll-offs at both the lower and the upper end and due to the superior low distortions. (see graphs below). Due to this tuning the ELODIS-SUB-TGE is very universally usable – positioning near by a wall or corner positioning, also in smaller rooms, are highly recommended as well as large listening areas. This horn works fine from 40 Hz (30 Hz at near wall/corner positioning) up to 300 Hz. The enclosure is made of special beech plywood (30mm) and selected hardwoods and well braced by using aluminium and the above-mentioned beech plywood and therefore extremely solid and stiff. This results in an exceptional precise, distortion-free and powerful sonic performance, very close to live performances.

Basic information – power ratings:

Assembled with 2 pieces of 15” (380 mm) high power drive units of the latest generation load the horn in impulscompensated configuration.

Optional configurable in parallel mode (4 Ohms) or in serial mode (16 Ohms)

Sensitivity: 109 dB/1m/2.83V/half space/100 Hz

Recommended frequency range: from minimum 40 Hz (30 Hz for near by a wall placement) up to maximum 300 Hz

Due to the smooth roll-off at the lower end and the low distortion below the horn frequency and the used high power drive units no subsonic filters are needed neither at full power nor with very deep bass sequencies containing records.

Maximum acustic output without audible distortion: 140+ dB/1m /near wall positioning over the whole described frequency range.

Maximum electrical input: 2000 Watts (AES)

Options: custom-tailored holders for drivers and horns, veneer (following pictures show TINEO) and paint finish on customers wishes, wherever possible

Further details on request

Following pictures show a finalized custom-built active 4 way hornsystem by using the ELODIS-SUB-TGE up to 250 Hz and with optional designed and custom-made horn holders (also by ELODIS SUBWOOFER) and for the upper ways drivers and horns from GOTO were used.

Please have a look at the customers site: http://twogoodears.blogspot.com/2011/03/gotorama-revamped-or-elodis-tge-ie.html



Currently a very powerful Front-Loaded-Horn subwoofer is in development.
Release of this project is depending on feedback. Please tell us via (Contact form) if such a large-sized subwoofer could be attractive for you. Basic information to this subwoofer project: Two-part cabinet designed for wall/floor junction placement (stereo), approx. 90 cubic feet volume (gross), 4 pieces of 18” drive units (2 for each cabinet), SPL max. > 145 dB/1m from 30 Hz, -3dB at 25 Hz.

Custom-made vintage project by using drivers from ALTEC (604H) and JBL (2245H) for a customer located in Vienna:


Active Subwoofer Power Module

The ELODIS-SUB DSP-2500 (discontinued) has been developed to supply any subwoofer drive unit(s) with the required power. Therefore two versions for different loudspeaker impedances are available (version 4to8 and version 2to4). These modules are available for 210-240 Volts power lines as well as for 105-120 Volts power lines.
• Power ratings up to 2500 Watts
• High performance on-board DSP
For detailed information (very extensive):
Download brochure Elodis-Sub-DSP-2500-4to8-en-def-5 as *.pdf

DSP 2500 Front Aktiv-Modul ELODIS-SUB DSP-2500

These active modules are available as stand-alone products as well as an option for all ELODIS-SUB subwoofer products.
Delivery time for the first period of six months in 2010 will be around 4 weeks.



Modular constructed top-level 3-way passive loudspeaker

  • horn-loaded and coaxial assembled mid/high horn module up from 275 Hz
  • bassreflex bass module assembled by using powerful double 15-inch drive units
  • extremely high acoustical output – up to 130 dB/1m
  • coaxial assembled mid/high horn module acts acoustically like a single driver, no audible horn discolouration
  • usable as top-quality stereo-system as well as top-quality cinema front speakers
  • cabinets built of top-quality quality beech plywood



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